Sunday, January 15, 2012

This was dessert last night (which I didn't have). Pecan pie and cream. But, I had a banana ...

However, this was dinner. And I ate everything. So lovely to have fresh avocado. Black bean burrito, too.

This is the little waterfall taken from the other side of the bridge. It's been 2 degrees for the past couple of days, so the ice is winning against the flowing water. I can look down into the river from the dining room and see the ice forming at the bottom of the river.

Apparently, there are a couple of mink that live under the bridge. I haven't seen them yet, but friends report that they've seen one catching a fish! Shivery thought of anything that can (a) fish in that river and (b) live in it!
I wonder what happens when it all freezes over. Some creatures bury themselves in mud and survive the Winter. Not sure whether fish can, though.

This is from the side of the bridge where I usually take pics. The ice is now forming across the river flow.

The napkin collection. I gave away three today to someone who wanted to use the writing for her artwork/opera. I was a bit sad to let them go, but I'm interested to see what she'll make with them.

It's been about 2 degrees here for the past couple of days. Everyone keeps reassuring each other that it's going to be warmer. "Warmer" in Johnson means double digits.

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