Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday 1/27

The last week! How did we get here so quickly...

It was snowing last night. It was lovely to tilt my head back and taste snowflakes.

Today has been sludgy and rainy. Very exciting getting around. We're back to wind-milling arms and impromptu skating.

Last night's visiting artist, Brian Belott, was terrific. He makes most of his art in the cheapest possible way. Does a lot of collage, paints on post-its or playing cards. He makes little books and stitches them together in the most basic way. They're great fun to look through.

I'm asking him to come to my studio after lunch to give me an opinion on what I'm doing with the snow-ice pics and "shape' poems. I don't know if it's possible to put them into a small book because of the writing.

Afternoon: I tried reducing the pics but I'm not happy with the smaller size. I believe larger might be better in this case. Lisa brought over some larger paper. I'll experiment with that.

We watched "Spellbound" tonight (Hitchcock) after dinner. It was utterly fabulous!

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