Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Monday 1/30

Odd mix of snow and slush and more snow. It's meant to freeze tonight.

Lovely cavernous mouth of ice! I was lucky to get this one. I passed by later and it was completely frozen over. It seems weirdly dental.

I had my consultation with the current resident writer, Simon Van Booy. He's an interesting mix

of Chinese/French/Welsh but comes off as a peculiar and semi-proper kind of Brit. Really lovely person and a lyrical writer. He builds into his stories carefully, architecturally. His reading last night was deeply engaging. Everyone decided that he'd be great at audio books.

Spent some time with my friend, Cara, who's been a little under the weather. All of us are feeling this end to our month in various ways. Some are winding down, some are starting new work, and some are looking downright depressed. I'm doodling over some short pieces which are satisfying but not too demanding.

Going to bed early tonight.

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