Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday 1/12

The ice on the river is gradually spreading. There's meant to be 8 inches of snow today. At the moment it's fairly light.

We had a bonfire last night. A friend of one of the visual artists died at 5pm yesterday, so this was in honor of him.

Being currently voice-less has something of an introspective effect but also I'm
gradually becoming more "tuned" to the other senses. Spent most of my bonfire time staring at the fire sparks flying off into nowhere. This morning, I watched the snow doing the same and
thought about the similarities of opposites. Or maybe I just need to get my voice back ...

This is the Meditation Building where we go for group meditation from 7:30-8:00am. I'm so glad they have the large cushions. I wonder if I'm the only person
whose knees are perpendicular in cross-legged position ...

Here's the VSC cat attempting to will himself into the Meditation Building. Aliya -- does this remind you of any other cat? (Ha!)

I watched him picking his way delicately through the snow this morning. He's obviously capable of getting around by himself. But he much prefers to be carried.

The dog was here this morning, too, but he's more particular about who pets him. He bit someone's finger!

I love how snow paints landscape. We don't get to see this in So CA. Sand also paints landscape, I suppose.

The contrast with snow seems more vivid. That monochrome thing.

Back to work before I go to do my stint in the kitchen.

Went for a walk after I finished work. I've been taking a number of pics from what's known as "the New Bridge". This is the old bridge a little further away on Station Road.

It's been snowing fairly steadily today. I love this "in between " landscape before everything is completely blanketed -- which may happen by tomorrow morning!

And this last pic is playtime at the Johnson Elementary School. Sleds are to Vermont what surfboards are to Malibu.

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