Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday 1/23

Warm today -- 29 degrees. Very odd. And it's raining. I took this pic on Sunday. Today it's definitely more soggy.

A bit sleepy today after the big trip to Montreal. The writing felt sluggish, but I did work on the short story. I feel guilty when I'm writing the short instead of paying attention to the novel. Weird, that guilt thing. Must be a hold-over from the good old religious days of my misspent youth.

Didn't spend much time over meals today. I'm already into the third week of my stay and it seems as though I'm not doing enough. I know that's probably untrue, but I can feel February relentlessly creeping up ...

Went to the reading (some of the writers read excerpts). It was hard going. It's hard to read just 10 minutes' worth of writing. A number of the writers are working on novels, so it's difficult to get the "flavor". Or perhaps I just wasn't a good listener last night!

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