Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday 1/11

No meditation for me this morning. I've somehow contracted a flu-ish type thing that's swarming all over VSC. Salt water gargles, zinc tabs and rest should take care of it.

Today we've had intermittent sunshine which does incredible things for the monochrome landscape.

Tonight is the first of the resident artists' slide shows and I really want to see what they've been doing.

Writing is finally going somewhere -- just when I get sick! A lesson in patience. Am thinking about the necessity of contradictions. Koans, I suppose.

Last night, everyone went to the $2 a beer night at the Hub (local pub). Three of us skipped the bender and did a round-table reading of a play-in-progress. That may have contributed to the sore throat ... Still, it was terrific to do something play-oriented again.

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