Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday 1/18

It warmed up considerably yesterday. With the overnight drop in temperature it's now a weird combination of slush and very slippery ice.

I went to the second in the artist lectures. The woman artist works mainly in oils and gouache. Her work has been in numerous well-known art museums and exhibitions.

Her method is to take famous paintings and replicate them (or "restore" as she calls it) with "modern" twists, such as adding tattoos, piercings, stripping the subject, etc. After the first one -- and the genuine admiration I had for her craft (her paintings do look like the originals, aside from her alterations), it felt monotonous. After a while, I felt as though I was being tricked, especially when she introduced a series of commissions where rich patrons had themselves painted into the famous paintings e.g. some rich woman posing as Napoleon, etc.). Grrr.

These are from the bridge. The first is the ice at around 7:15 and the other is from yesterday. Trying out that framing thing.

Heard from the publisher. They do want another rewrite, so it's back to the mss. I haven't received the actual critique but I'm starting to tighten up the chapters and look for points of connection.

There was quite a bit of movement in the river today, Some of the iced-over parts have thawed a bit. The fascination with snow and ice hasn't worn off yet.

Tonight is another slide presentation of the visual artists' work. I love seeing this stuff!

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