Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday 1/21

So I didn't make it to the party. Apparently, it didn't start until 11pm anyway, but people danced until 3:30am. Go, artists! Except for me, that is. I was tucked up in bed by 10:30.

I've been looking through the book that Cara (artist friend) loaned me -- "Patterns of Earth" by Bernhard Edmaier. It's a series of photos taking from heights, some quite considerable, that compare patterns, such as volcanoes, islands, glacier streams, island channels, and so on. Pattern-seeking is a human hobby, so this is quite lovely to look at. I wonder how salt crusts form into polygons (Badwater). Geomorphic research needed ...

More of the river froze last night. There isn't much left other than places where the water is precipitate. I like this bird-head icicle.

Today was novel-editing day. I did a fair amount of tidying up. Nothing yet from the publisher. I hope they send comments before I leave ...

This isn't very clear, but there's that layering thing going on -- different ice thicknesses.

I thought of going out for a walk this afternoon, but after my kitchen stint, I decided against it, and stayed in the studio.

This is from the middle of the bridge. The river was flowing freely when we arrived.

Oh yes -- dinner last night was this incredible sea-food soup. I wasn't crazy about the sea-food but the soup was absolutely delicious!

Dessert was lemon meringue pie. I was going to brag about being dessert-free once more, but I did cave in the afternoon and threw myself onto a rasberry chocolate bar. I think I would have liked to try the pie, though ...

My college acquaintance left today -- we didn't have a chance to catch up while he was here. I was either voiceless or sitting with other people at meal-times. He has a book out (published in 2005) and I didn't know until he'd gone. Someone had a copy of it. I wish I'd been able to talk to him about it.

Tomorrow we're off to Montreal. It looks like a number of cars are going, so we're going to meet for dinner. Might have to wheel out the creaky Francais.

Am currently reading Ilya Kaminsky's "Dancing in Odessa". Intriguing Ukrainian poet. He paints in verse. I found out that he, too, had been to VSC! Apparently, he's deaf and has a high-pitched voice, so he gave out copies of his poems for his reading. I think that would be helpful at all readings, prose or poetry.

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