Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 1/13

The snow was a bit slushy this morning. It's quite warm -- no thermals today!

There's always a bit of tech anxiety here since we never know when we're going to drop off the face of the internet. So, here I am, sneaking away from my writer responsibilities to update this blog.

This is from yesterday's walk to the old bridge. I'm looking down between the wooden slats at the river below. I like how the snow banks on each side of the river and the wooden slats appear to contain the moving river.

Our visiting fiction writer gave a reading last night and talked about how he hated the word "closure" and that it didn't really exist. I agreed with that. He also said that each conflict and emotional trauma experience prepared you for the next time. I didn't agree with that. You may have a shed-load of experience, but felled just as badly, or worse, each time. I'd agree that because you've endured other experiences you know that the current one will eventually end.

At some point I'll have to take pictures of the food -- it's amazing!

6:30pm. Dang. Camera battery died just as I was going to take some photos of dinner. Will try again tomorrow.

Lots of snow this afternoon and evening. I'm still in the gleeful adolescent "mine-are-the-first-footprints" stage. Also absorbing is seeing snow gather in my footprints. I'm sure that'll wear off.

This not-talking business is clearly having some side-effects.

Didn't "speak"/write with/to anyone at dinner and felt how weird it is: to be able to step into conversations at any time. My voice is working. I'm just not using it. Being outside conversations is just as peculiar --- you're there but you're not. This may be an extremely reduced version of how deaf or otherwise "disabled" people might feel when people just talk "around" them. And children!

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