Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday 1/20

Had the chance to spend some time with another group of visual artists at dinner. How interestingly they perceive line and sound.

This is what's left of the river: small fissures in the ice. We've been talking about the snow, but one of the locals tells us that this is nothing. Usually, it's much colder and there's about a foot more snow! It's apparently one of the mildest and driest winters they've had so far.

You can see the ice growing under the water. I wonder how the mink are doing with their fishing.

I'm accumulating files of ice-and-water pics!

This one looks like an ancient map of England. It's quite different from the other ice-hole shapes.

The below shape is more typical, that meandering and pushing of water against ice. I love these layers above and below the water-line. They record more about movement than the water itself.

There's a party tonight but it doesn't start until 10pm and I don't know if I can stay awake until then!

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