Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday 1/17

This is from the bank
on one side of the bridge. The snow is half-dirt/slush which provides the color and texture for the trompe l'oeil.

Much warmer today. It snowed this morning. Yesterday's sun melted some of the snow on the studio building opposite. So last night's freeze produced an extraordinary fringe of icicles. No pic, though!

One little icicle on this street lamp! This was around 7:40am.

Last night's lecture was very informative for me since I know nothing about sculpture. The visiting artist's work focuses on oppressive enclosure and softness within that. She uses iron sheeting or cages and then a soft substance like cushions or padding, inside that. I'm also looking at the intersection and relationship of opposites so I found that attractive.

It's amazing what's possible with
texture and line.

Wooden fence. Don't ask. I have no idea what's going on here. I like the colors.

I like how the wood is separate and joined. Simple pleasures!

This is a tree just outside Maverick. So much for art!

Today is a kitchen-duty day, so I'd better get some writing in before my shift.

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