Monday, January 9, 2012

The airport shuttle picked me up at 3:15am yesterday morning and I arrived at the Vermont Studio Center last night at around 6:30pm -- just in time to grab some dinner!

This is the house where I'm staying. It was 7:20am this morning when I took the pic, which is why it's a bit dark.

My room is on the second floor. I share a bathroom with two other people. It's lovely and warm in the house!

This building is the Red Mill where we go for meals. We also have lectures and readings here. I'll be working in the kitchen eventually (just 2 hours a day).

I'm sitting in my writing studio which overlooks this very cold-looking river. You can see my studio which is in the white building behind the trees. I'm on the first floor, right in the middle. There are meant to be ducks but I don't think they want to be out now.

It's nice and warm in here, though. Perfect environment for writing -- so I'd better get going!


  1. Looks and sounds divine! A real winter. For real going inward. I will imagine myself there with you know. . .

    1. Will take you out on walks with me as soon as I'm over this blasted cold/flu thing!

  2. It looks beautiful. It's been warm, but it seems to be getting a little colder again. Light sweater weather. J and I went on about an hour walk this morning. He stopped to pick up interesting rocks and dirt. Good times.
    I was going to line up a reading with Tree in April, but I see AUG and Bohemia land on the same day and time. Should I ask for the first Tue. of May?
    Have a great time! I'm off to write.

  3. Hey Albert -- I've been wondering how you are. I can't think of California cold as cold!

    Good to hear about the walk with the little one -- getting bigger all the time, no doubt.

    Yes, please, do schedule something with Tree (thanks for doing this) in early May.

    I'm assuming you received the email about pushing the trip back to include a Tuesday so we can perform at Crystal's shindig. This would make our dates 5/22-5/25.

    Let me know, via email, how you're doing.