Monday, January 16, 2012

This morning it was -17, but warmed up to -12 after 9am. The sun was out today and by lunchtime, it was 5.

These are some weird icicles on the side of the building next to Maverick studios.

The river is almost frozen over. I've become intrigued by intersections of ice and water.

These could be satellite pics ...

Okay -- a little obsessed by the ice-and-water pics!

Laundry day today! I spent an hour and a half at Sudsy's which was lovely because I had the chance to read with no guilty feelings.

This pine-cone loaded tree also caught my attention.

Tonight there's an sculpture lecture which I'm also going to. I find I'm talking to more visual artists than writers.

Talked/wrote to two visual artists/sculptors over dinner. They're also fascinated by intersections and non-intersections (or blurred intersections). Yet another napkin for my studio...

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