Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday 1/14

Last night there was an informal reading of works-in-progress. What a talented group of writers. It's always fascinating to see the unique "takes" on memoir, fantasy, history and so on. This basket of oddly shaped stones was in the living room. I seem to have drawn an unintentional parallel.

The napkin art is developing.

It's interesting to see how conversations develop and wander about. Rotating the napkins is also interesting. The eye follows different paths. It's always such a surprise to unfold the napkin in my studio.

"Voiceless" is beginning to mean something else.

I'm going to try meditating with my friend (visual artist) for an hour. I've only done half-hour meditations up to now and those can be quite demanding.

This is around 7am. I was on my way to Maverick just before meditation.

This is Wolf Kahn Studio -- one of the
visual arts buildings.

The first to cross new snowfall!

After work this afternoon I went for
for a walk to the top of the hill, where Vermont College is.

It was chilly -- 2 degrees. I was glad to be walking uphill to generate a little heat.

It's not yet five o'clock and it's almost dark!

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