Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday 1/22

A crispy start to our day in Montreal! Because I knew I was going to be away for the day, I got up a little early to take some pics.

I've started watching these two ice peninsulas to see when they're going to meet.

It was -12 this morning and then warmed up to -9.

I wonder if I would wander around Woodland Hills and pay close attention to the incremental differences from day to day. Probably not!

We left for Montreal after having a breakfast panini at the local cafe. It only took an hour and a half to get to Montreal. Lisa, who was driving, has a range of music (blues, country, rock, opera) on her iPod so we had a triumphal arrival to Bizet's Carmen.

It's always so much more dramatic to arrive in a city over a bridge.

Our first stop was the Museum of Fine Arts where we saw the Feininger retrospective. Some of the early drawings look like they might have inspired the art work for Yellow Submarine (e.g. Carnaval a Arcueil). I also liked the Dorothea Rockburne exhibition. Huge geometric blocks of blazing color. Pictures don't do the pieces justice.

After that we wandered about in the old quartier, narrow cobbled streets. In one shop, I watched a small boy fill his pockets with sweets. I was admiring his enterprise when went to the owner (whose son he was) and announced the fact that his shirt was full of bon-bons.

Dinner was absolutely lethal. Champagne and venison. Utterly amazing. I've never had venison before.

We left around 8:30pm and got back around 10pm.

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  1. Hey Sandra!
    Such a treat to live vicariously through your pictures and process! Mesmerizing. But, good lord- please eat some pie!! :)