Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday 1/25

One of those extra-slushy
days. It's still warm (30 degrees) and I'm longing for that crispy cold weather ...

Still, there are some interesting slush sculptures around!

So last night's lecture was from a social-conscience type of sculptor, I suppose. He does all these projects with various communities (old people, children, outdoor parks and so on). Some of them are impressive and others less so.

Charmaine, an artist pointed out that one of his projects was helping a homeless man become a well-known artist. Instead of focusing on the artist's work, there were numerous shots of the man signing his first apartment lease, wining and dining with well-known artists and society folk. It seemed to commodify the man and change the focus of the project entirely.

On the other hand, the formerly homeless guy is better off and now more able to explore his art. This relationship between benefactor and benefactee is wobbly. Example: The students who help the homeless because it looks good on their resumes for college. On the other hand, they did actually do something.

So, instead we shall look at floating chunks of ice and other acts of nature.

Tonight is another slide presentation by the artists. I always look forward to these. And we'll have wine!

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